Transparent Venture Journal: Week 1
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Transparent Venture Journal: Week 1

It's been a hectic week, but it's time for a summary of the week that has passed, in regards to the project we're working on.

It's saturday around midnight as I'm writing this, and I have a fully planned weekend (work-wise) so I'm going to try and keep this short.

This is what we've focused on this week:

Even though the content isn't really done (I'd say we have about 50 hours of work left until the MVP is done) I decided to start building links, treating it as a daily choir.

The reason why I'm choosing to is 1) that I don't have time to wait for a good search presence. 2) that I'm trying to make it into a daily routine that we can also use for our clients.

Breaking down this task into a daily routine seems like a great way to go about it, while also creating a better "changelog" and what each link has given us in terms of SEO (tracked through

It's been a healthy mix of good ol' comment section-submissions (with quality content, as this is a good way to build relationships for future outreach), guest-blogging and directory-submissions.

So far 7 linking domains are indexed in ahrefs. 3 with doFollow and the rest with noFollow. Besides these there should be 5 linking domains about to be indexed. Ending up with a total of links built from 12 different domains.

Our current ahrefs ranking 136,503,090. A long way to go to >1 million (which is the aggregate metric (and goal) I'll use for our offpage SEO-efforts.

I've never taken a site to >1 million, the closest to that goal is our agency site which sits at 2.5 million right now, but on the other hand I've never done a focused effort for this either.

Content (Blogposts)

I've started writing again. I've started on a couple of evergreen posts that I want to get live as soon as possible and then keep updating, also as a daily choir rather than doing it all at once. Google loves continually updated content, and so does my time budget, so it's a match made in heaven.

While waiting for the evergreen posts to be completed I've started and published two shorter posts (400-600 word each). One with "Brand + Review" as the targeted keyword and one listicle.

The secondary reason for creating these shorter ones are to get into the habit of writing & publishing something daily. This will help me get rid of writers block while getting rid of the vein that wants to go for perfection.

Content (Product)

Our entire product is based around content, and it being better than our competitors, giving more value to our visitor. So this will be a common thread and I think it's better if I just highlight the major changes and the decision-making behind it.

A few concrete examples:

When you open a savings account that is not insured by the state, I'd like to know how the banks financials are looking. Because if they are not solid, and the deposits are not insured, I'd risk loosing it all, and then the comparison and the small gain in rate that you receive are worth nothing.
So we implemented those metrics on the comparisons.

When you're searching for a new credit card, I'd like to know if they have an app. When the support is open and how many times they've been in trouble with consumer agencies in the past 12 months. When we researched and implemented thse metrics (and 10 more, for example the weighted user rating of the app), it really gave me a clear picture of which credit card I'd choose, and not ever even think about getting).
Yea, you get it, we implemented those metrics as well.

Timeline moving forward

If you've read this far, you've just become my accountability partner!
I'm writing the timeline down for exactly that, accountability. I do not want to be able to hide behind something (this is also an excellent way to show transparency and it's powers in practice).

First sale: Before may 1st.
First 1k (SEK) in Revenue: Before end of may
First 10k (SEK) in Revenue: Before end of June
>1 Million Ahref Rank: Before end of August


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