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Which Content Will Get Your Leads To Convert

Which Content Will Get Your Leads To Convert
Written by
axel antas-bergkvist
Published on
January 19, 2022

Converting leads with content remains challenging as before. However, when you do it correctly, it  brings reward for you. In comparison to conventional marketing, it costs  at least 60% less and generates three times more leads for every dollar  spent.

According to recent data, almost 90%  organizations invest in creating content to generate leads.  Surprisingly, almost 60% companies do not have in-house content  marketing specialists. As a result, only 9% companies have admitted to  have reaped any benefits from their content marketing strategy.

The huge difference between investment  and result asserts that most businesses are yet to make the most out of  their content marketing strategy.

In this post, we particularly discuss the matter of turning your content marketing into an effective mean of lead generation.

‌‌Use Video Content

Although people love to watch videos,  they hate rigorous sales pitch. To be honest, no one really cares about  your products or their features – no matter how authentic they are. What  matters to them is what changes your product can bring to their  business. ‌‌‌‌‌‌Below are some rules that might come handy:

  • Firstly, mark down your target audience, audience who will bring business for you. Now try to collect some viewership data from videos produced by your competitors. YouTube is the best place to get started with this “Research and Development” project.
  • Identify the message delivered in similar videos. Go over them wisely and find out the things that your product or service already has or is missing. Focus on giving a single message throughout your script.
  • Videos are the most effective tool to learn and get entertained. So a video has to be both educative and entertaining at the same time. However, it should not be a mere business talk and descriptive way of explaining your product. People are not likely to translate your business talk to find the takeaways.
  • When making a video, try to speak from your heart. Keep it clean and simple. Remember, people like to be inspired.
  • A 3-minute video is not your gateway to explaining everything about your product. Think from the client’s perspective and only include things that are too important to mention.
  • The art of storytelling is not going anywhere. Try to use a personal tone while covering every key point with a call-to-action.
  • In brief, try to describe how your product or service influenced others. Some behind the scene looks might make it more valuable. This will aware the client of your potency in delivering a solution.
  • Don’t forget to mention some success stories. People feel convinced when they can relate to their own situation.
  • Keep different channels of communication like email campaigns and social media on. Let your audience know that they may follow up through those channels in your video.
  • Always use YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your videos. They will give you maximum coverage.
  • Before producing any video establish a clear-cut goal to reach your clients. ‌‌

Offer Bait for Fishing Leads

No matter whatever marketing strategy  you use, none can match this one. People don’t hesitate to share their  information when they get something in return. Cash back, gift,  freebies, discounts, and limited trials are some ways to ask for their  email address in order to get access to your brochure, whitepaper, or  recent video.

However, be sure that it is not  overwhelming for them. When sharing downloadable materials, always try  to be selective. For example, advertorials work better than advert  copies. When sharing business information, identify the appropriateness  of the medium. A half minute long explainer video is suitable for  Twitter or Facebook; but in case of a blog or website, it can be longer  than that.

Create posts in such a way that they  lead to the lead generation page while sharing them on different social  media platforms. A custom message may be fruitful with a specific link.  Use some relevant images to go with your post. This practice  personalizes the content to a further extent.

A post scheduling tool for social  media can be used as well. It will save you time and coordinate among  the posts. Don’t forget to pin the most popular post on the top of your  page. This will significantly enhance the exposure of your lead  generation pages.

Add a ‘WOW’ Factor

I the online world there is no  shortage of content marketers. So what makes your content different from  others’? Unless you are able to represent your service or product in a  unique way, no one cares about it. So, try to exceed your client’s  expectation with delightful business ideas and respond to them  meticulously.

Point down what adds advisory  qualities to your brand value, and set a content strategy based on that.  Always focus on a typical pain point, a cutting-edge solution, or a  pressing topic. This will help shape your content like a thought leader  who knows what people want from them.

Maintain a Chain Link with your Content Assets

Always maintain a customer-centric  approach and principle theme while developing white papers, webinars,  infographics, brochures, presentation slides, web content, e-books, and  case studies. Make sure to do internal linking and cross-linking to tag  them with each other. You can link an article for instance to a relevant  infographic or video.

In the same way, a webinar can contain  a link to a lead generation form. This will grow your online reputation  by maximizing the visibility and reach of your content. The longer the  chain is, the better it would be. A well-knit content mesh can funnel  down leads more efficiently in a pull-based marketing strategy.

Apply Some Good-to-Go Strategies

When creating new content, narrow down  your range of topics. The more specific you become, the larger will be  the response rate.

Work on questions on the “bottom of funnel” topics. It significantly increases the rate of lead conversion.

Allot enough time for lead generation  keywords. Identify the keywords with ample search value; also select the  ones that you can rank for.

From a pool of high-value keywords  develop reasonable key phrases. Use those key phrases and keywords  carefully while producing content. This will help you rank up in major  search engines, ensuring more traffics and leads.

Create and share content on a regular basis. Make them available to the right traffic through proper channels.

Give emphasis on conversion rate  optimization – for both content and the channels where you want them to  appear. Improvise on building a robust sales funnel. Convert all content  marketing strategies into a sole unit. This will create a regular  source of leads to the sales funnel.

Once you traced what’s working for  you, you would follow through the same step. Regardless of what type of  content you are generating, always keep in mind that it carries your  brand reputation. So, constantly focus on customer-ready value  proposition, solutions, and ideas; instead of exploring  business-oriented ideas, only.

‌‌There is no lack of content on a  given topic on the internet. Hence, whether your content will prevail or  not relies exclusively on the power of retention and engagement score.  Expert advice can help you generate the right content that leads to more  conversion.

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