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3 Easy Hubspot Maintenance Hacks

3 Easy Hubspot Maintenance Hacks
Written by
axel antas-bergkvist
Published on
January 19, 2022

Hubspot Hack #1 – Testing workflows in sharp mode

Hubspot has a built-in feature for trying out workflows before  enabling it, but when creating more advanced workflows with automatic  enrollment you might find that it’s not sufficient.

To test a workflow in “live-mode”, set it up the way you want it, and simply add a:

Contact property – email contains:

As an enrollment requirement.

You can now safely turn the workflow(s) on, and test it until perfection. When you feel good to, simply remove the requirement.

Hubspot Hack #2 – Use Gmail aliases for form submission tests

If you are an hubspot admin, you probably find yourself signing up in  the forms you have embedded externally or added to your COS pages.  Sometimes your tests requires you to use a “fresh” email address that  isn’t registered in the contacts database.

To achieve this you dont actually need multiple email accounts, you  just need one gmail/Gsuite account and use the alias feature which is as  awesome as it is underused.

How to use it? Simply add +youralias to your email prefix, for example:

Hubspot Hack #3 – Hidden checkboxes for form function

When setting up hubspot it’s quite tempting to take the easy road, enabling form function by adding it directly to a list.

This adds a possibility for human failure, as you have to update the lists each time you add a new form.For example one of your colleagues might add the new form to the list, but with an “and” parameter instead of an “or”.

Instead, use hidden checkboxes in your forms and create a list which pulls that contact property.

Each time the contact submits the form, you will have that property registered to their profile.

Want to segment all people that have signed up for a free trial? Create a hidden checkbox, called something like:

Free Trial RequestFree_trial_req

Make it hidden, and toggled as default.

Everytime someone submits that form, they will have Free Trial Request = yesAdded to their contact properties, and you can use a list to include everyone that has free trial request = Yes.

Scale-able, smooth and timesaving.

That's a wrap.

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