About me

I help businesses thrive and grow through marketing optimization  & strategy. I dislike the word Entrepreneur as much as I get nausea from reading ”about me” texts in third person, so here goes:

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 26 years ago. At age 8 I started my first job, selling door-to-door for the World Wide Fund For Nature. Before the age of 21, I had worked as (somewhat in order): Store staff, office cleaning, data admin, sailing school, swim school, nightclub photography, craftsman. B2C Tele Sales. At age 18 I started Northside,  with the intention of helping businesses with digital marketing. I had  done enough money to put in the capital needed to start the company, and  buy a 13′ Macbook Air. I believe there are 3 main reasons as to why I  finally gave a focused effort to get into marketing:1. I’ve gotten my  creative side from my mother, and together with her I’ve probably watched about a thousand commercials on TV. For us the commercial breaks  were as entertaining as the content it was interrupting. We used to sit  & analyze everything about them, debating on it’s messaging, the  target demographics, the USP’s they brought forward and so on. 2. After  some time working with cleaning the offices of the company that my dad  was running, I was asked to help with administering the customer club  & newsletter. During that time, I fell in love with design &  layout. Not short thereafter, I started building websites and ventured  into affiliate marketing and the likes. 3. Before dropping out of  college I, together with one of my few close friends (I keep an  extremely small circle), tried the luck with a T-shirt business, and  failed miserably, sales-wise, but while facing the defeat, we also  noticed that we had created an incredible reach of our content without  even having a marketing budget (just to give you a sense of how  bootstrapped it was, we were the models ourselves, and while Emil is as photogenic as an Victoria’s Secret Angel, I’m far from it).

In Private

When I’m not working I am usually: Sailracing (or traveling to a  race), reading, writing, meditating, doing stupid athletic stuff or  working out. photography and editing. I also have a big interest in  investing, both on the stock market and in smaller, early stage companies.

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